At IDG, we know the ideal space to create, produce and make daydreams come true doesn’t always match up to reality: a cramped corner with a mess of papers, computer cords, coffee cups and notebooks. If you’re ready to invest in an inviting home office space, consider the ideas ahead.

Dublin Desk

1. Find a sleek desk that fits your space

We love the Dublin Desk because it’s a great size – compact enough for a spare room but large enough to accommodate most people’s needs. Its design features beautiful clean lines, a smoky gray color, and drawers for storage with elegant brass handles.

Stinson Office Chair

2. Choose a comfy chair that won’t make you restless 

Investing in your office chair is essential to ensure you’re comfortable and supported all day long. The Stinson Office Chair is an excellent option for those looking for a blend of comfort and style, with a professional look, three-level back cushioning and a swivel base to adjust the seat to your height.

Eiffel Bookcase

3. Consider clever storage to keep things neat

You’ve heard it before, but clearing the clutter in your surroundings works wonders for focus. Create a distraction-free workspace with plenty of spots to organize your tools and personal items with the Eiffel Bookcase. Its open shelves will allow you to find things quickly and add character with objects such as photos, plants and books.

Aaron Lamp

4. Forget the fluorescent office lights 

No matter what room you’re designing, lighting always plays a crucial role in setting the mood. The Aaron Lamp features a dimmable switch so that you can create the perfect ambience in your home office. Its design is modern and chic, with a black marble base and bronze metal-drum shade that will look beautiful on any desk.

'You Got This' Soy Candle

5. Add a soothing scent

Lighting a candle can have a powerfully calming effect, helping you get into the right headspace for taking on your task list. The “You Got This” candle is a fun and uplifting option, combining top notes of sea salt and jasmine for a refreshing, restorative scent.

Nora Stoneware Vase

6. Bring life to your space with plants

When spending time inside, a touch of greenery not only makes your environment more natural and pleasant but also helps with productivity and creativity. The Nora Stoneware Vase would look great as a vessel for a lush bouquet, or try these limestone Nova Planters for potting your favorite plant. Not much of a green thumb? The Evarado Aloe Planter will be a striking addition to your office – no watering required.

Surf and Sand Framed Print

7. Hang artworks that make you happy  

Think about the feeling you’re trying to create. Do you want something colorful and energizing? Soft and calming? We like this Surf and Sand Framed Print for its tranquil color palette, bringing a peaceful perspective when deadlines are pending.

Ready to get started on your home office? Browse more below and find inspiration at IDG’s Online Shoppe.

Clean lines, a minimalist style, and plush cushioning make this armchair a brilliant addition to your space for work or leisure.

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Add greenery to your area minus the upkeep with this striking imitation aloe plant, set in a textured bowl with natural stones.

USD $357.00

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This iron bookcase in matte black has a smart design for displaying and keeping items and is perfect for storage by your desk.

USD $1,683.75

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If you need room to spread out, then this statement-making studio-style table in ceramic, glass and white marble allows for it.

USD $5,947.50

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The eye-catching geometric design of this side table is bold and modern and ideal for setting your laptop, coffee cup or book.

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This brass lamp with gray leather detail has a cool, modern look, and will bring warmth and style whenever inspiration strikes.

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