Coastal style is hugely popular, with so many people drawn to its relaxed and easy feel. “It comes from an experience most people have had or can recognize,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer explains. “The feeling of a cool sea breeze against the face, serene skies as far as the eye can see and the whoosh of waves on the beach.” But how do you replicate that vibe at home? 

Many hear the word “coastal” and think of nautical or tropical design. While it does incorporate elements from these styles, the coastal look is differentiated by soft tones and earthy textures, evoking a bright, airy atmosphere reminiscent of white-sand beaches and clear summer days. 

Drawing its inspiration from the environment, the goal is to bring the outdoors in, whether that’s through natural materials like rattan and raffia or with home accessories that reflect nature’s beauty. 

Ready to dive in? Read on for a room-by-room guide to nailing the perfect coastal style, featuring tips from IDG’s award-winning interior designers. 

Vero 30" Barstool

The Kitchen

“Coastal-style kitchens are bright and fresh,” IDG Design Associate Mireia Alvarez says. “They make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long and are ideal if you want to create a welcoming, relaxing space perfect for cooking and entertaining.”

This barstool balances coastal and contemporary design, with iron frame legs and a woven rattan seat.

USD $2,662.50

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Crafted from mango wood, these pendant lights look incredible over any kitchen island.

USD $446.25

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These ceramics feature a beautiful sapphire and ivory pattern and are perfect for storing kitchen goods.

USD $207.00 (set of two) 

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Merrick 84" Oval Dining Table

The Dining Room

“A coastal feel starts with a light, mainly white palette, bringing in natural materials and comfortable furnishings,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer says. “Combine those elements, and you have an inviting, relaxed dining space ready for hours of carefree eating, entertaining and enjoyment!”

Pair this lightly washed mango wood table with linen slipcover chairs and a jute rug.

USD $3,517.50

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This centerpiece-worthy shell will bring the spirit of the coast into your dining room.

USD $699.30

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Handsewn with wood and coco beads, this cream chandelier sets the mood for a coastal space.

USD $3,312.00

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Melrose Lounge Chair

The Living Room

“Architecturally, you can install elements like shiplap on a wall or ceiling to create a coastal feel,” IDG Senior Designer Justin Szigeti says. “But you can also create a tonal coastal color palette by playing off textures like grasscloth, weaves, wicker and wood.”

This lamp with a wrapped rattan pole and linen shade exudes a timeless elegance.

USD $1,732.50

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Bring the beauty of the reef into your home with this striking, coral-inspired piece. 

USD $206.46

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Covered in hand-twisted natural jute, the Melrose Lounge Chair works inside and out.

USD $7,009.50

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The Bedroom

“A coastal feel often embraces bright and crisp tones and classic textures,” IDG Design Associate Poly Lougiakis says. “Together, they can create a sense of comfort and style. That’s why contemporary coastal bedroom design is one of our go-to styles at IDG.”

This nightstand is fully wrapped in raffia, a classic coastal material with a gorgeous natural texture. 

USD $3,746.25

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Create a cozy, coastal feel in the bedroom with the deep blue tones of this Eagan rug. 

USD $197.40+

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Hand-wrapped in lampakanai rope in a white-sand finish, this bed frame is a statement coastal piece.

USD $16,794.00

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The Bathroom

“If you want to incorporate coastal beauty into your bathroom, wood and woven items are great choices,” IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler says. “Potted plants will also enliven the room. Complete your look by hanging up some artwork that highlights a gorgeous sea view or coastal vegetation.”

Rope-wrapped handles and textural fabric make this tray a decorative vessel for your bathroom essentials.

USD $449.55

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Created by local artist Tracy McMenemy, these stunning canvas pieces are created using silver thatch palms and hibiscus flowers.

USD $1,219.51

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This square ottoman features a beautiful pattern, using hand-twisted lampakanai rope in earthy tones over a hardwood frame.

USD $1,843.50

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Whether you live by the ocean or not, coastal style can create magic in any home. At IDG, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. From installing shiplap to sourcing the perfect rug, our team has you covered. 

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