Expert Guide to Effective Space Planning

We’ve all heard the story of the awkward bathroom blunder at the dinner party. You know the one: you ask the host for the bathroom, only to open the door to find yourself in the middle of the living room, with everyone in attendance staring at you. It’s an all-too-common story that few would want to experience. This blog will discuss the importance of proper space planning and how it can prevent embarrassing moments like these.

IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer states, “Space planning is the process of understanding how people will use a space, how they will move through it, and the experience they will have when they do.”  Here are four key aspects to consider when planning a space:

Ambient atmosphere at Door No.4.

Emotional Experience

At IDG, we understand the importance of an emotional experience when walking into a room; even if the space is functional, it can still provide a poor experience if it evokes negative emotions. We are therefore hyper-focused on our client’s experience to ensure they feel welcome, inspired, and relaxed when entering a room. An emotional response can be provoked by the colors, lighting and materials used.

Spacious reception at Broadhurst.


By understanding the space’s potential uses and needs, you can effectively plan for its success. Consider the intended user group, the new area’s purpose, and any special requirements the room may need such as seating, audio-visual equipment, and storage. Factor in the user’s capacity, age, height, and physical conditions to ensure everyone can use and benefit from the space. With these considerations in mind, you can create a comfortable and functional area for everyone.

Functional layout at Stone Island.


Measuring is often tedious, but it is a critical component of space planning. Accurate measurements are essential for an effective floor plan, enabling the proper selection of furniture that fits appropriately, aesthetically, and proportionately and allows for adequate space to move freely around the room.

Inviting open plan at Beachcomber.


Creating a cohesive look in your home, especially in an open-concept floor plan, is achievable by using similar materials, shapes, textures, and colorsthroughout the space. Use flooring, baseboards, interior doors, millwork, and furniture to create a visually connected home.

Space-saving nightstand in Solara.

Space-saving product tips

  1. Use an armless dining chair as a desk chair to save space. If you plan to rarely work at the desk briefly, an ottoman can be used as a substitute.
  2. Get an extendable dining table to easily adjust the size to suit your special occasion needs – great for larger dinner parties.
  3. Use an end or side table as a nightstand in the bedroom. Nightstands are typically 22″ or wider, so an end table is the way to go if you need something smaller.
  4. A flush mount fixture is an excellent alternative if you have low ceilings and a chandelier or pendant will hang too low.

Space planning is essential before starting any renovation, new build, or furniture package. With it, you can avoid making costly mistakes and wasting space, resulting in a better outcome. If you need help planning your space, contact the IDG award-winning team and book a complimentary consultation today.

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The Art of Accessorizing

Accessorizing the interior space of your home is a compelling way to add an extra layer of personality and comfort to your living environment. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere, add an accent of color or texture, or make a statement, accessorizing your interior space can be an easy and affordable way to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Decorative pillows and throws at One Canal Point.

Pillows and Throws

When creating a cozy and inviting room, pillows, and throws can make a big difference. “Cushions can add a splash of color, texture, and pattern to any room and are simple to switch out for seasonal colors and designs,” IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler says. Throws and blankets can also be a great way to add warmth and texture to your space.

Ambient lighting in Cypress Pointe.


Create a space that radiates energy and ambiance with strategically placed lighting! Expertly placed lighting is the key to bringing a room to life, creating depth and height, cozy spots, and drawing attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about balancing the light and shade to create your desired mood. You can transform your interior design project into a masterpiece with the right combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Classic coffee table books at Beachcomber.


Books are timeless works of art that can add a touch of beauty and style to any living space. Decorating with them is always in style, although how they are used may change over the years. Let your books show off their beauty by strategically displaying them in a way that adds visual interest and sparks conversation.

Add a touch of nature to your living room.


Nowadays, the use of plants in modern interior design is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. Not only do they create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere, but they also offer numerous benefits to your overall health and well-being. Plants can add a touch of color to an area, soften hard edges, or even set a specific mood. In addition, studies have shown that having plants inside the home can help to boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve air quality.

Colourful artwork in Stone Island.


Art is an integral part of interior design and should not be overlooked. For many, art is seen as a luxury, but depending on the circumstances and the pieces selected, art can be a significant investment. Without art, walls can feel empty and uninviting. Artwork, whether large or small or as part of a gallery wall, adds depth and richness to a room and makes it more welcoming and personal. The right pieces can create a unique look and feel and become any space’s focal point.

Hotel Collection fragrances available at IDG.

Home Fragrance

Fragrance can transport us to different places and times, evoking memories and creating unique atmospheres in any room. From a calming atmosphere in the bedroom to a focused energy in the office and a delicious aroma in the kitchen, fragrance can play an essential part in making your home feel like a home. Interior designers understand the strong influence that scent has on the mood and ambiance of interior spaces – just as carefully considered as paint color, lighting, and furniture placement – making fragrance an integral part of their design plan.

The art of accessorizing your home with pillows, throws, lighting, books, plants, art, and home fragrances can be transformative. Not only can these elements add a personal touch of comfort and style to your home, but they can also create a cozy atmosphere, an accent of color or texture, or make a bold statement. So, to take your interior space to the next level, consider accessorizing with these items and see what a difference it can make.

Maximise your budget with IDG’s help in styling your space. Take a look at IDG’s services or book a complimentary consultation today.

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Six Interior Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Property in 2023

With interest rates and home prices on the rise, home improvements done now will increase the return on investment in the long term, setting your home apart from others on the market while providing pride of ownership and boosting your quality of life in the interim. Here are six areas that you can renovate to increase your home’s market value:

Dakota Quay bold bathroom.

Update Your Bathroom

The powder room – one of the smallest rooms in your home could significantly impact your home. It’s a place to be bold and exciting, and it can be cost-effective. Simple improvements include painting the walls or adding wallpaper, updating fixtures, and installing new flooring.

Significant renovations, especially for primary bathrooms or ensuites, always have a high value and are a vital feature and selling point for potential buyers. These renovations can include revising the layout for more efficient use of space or creating a bespoke feel through custom elements such as built-in cabinetry and showers, feature lighting, high-end fixtures, and quality hardware.

Kitchen renovation at the Ritz-Carlton Deckhouse.

Kitchen Improvements

This can include minor cosmetic improvements from upgrading cabinetry hardware, installing new countertops, and replacing appliances. “The kitchen is the heart of the home and a hub where we spend most of our time; therefore, the layout should be thoughtful and well-designed,” IDG Interior Designer Jeanette Bruck says.

Choose the scope of work you would like to complete wisely and trust the professionals to ensure these improvements are attractive and lucrative. When done correctly, major kitchen renovations can provide a high return on investment.

Warm lighting lifts this Beachcomber penthouse.

Create Consistent Lighting

Overall, lighting provides ambiance and functionality. Confirm all rooms are well-lit. Specialty lighting can impact areas of the home that you would like to highlight. Ensure a consistent light temperature throughout, and do not mix warm (2700K to 3000K) and cool (3000K+) color temperatures. Hire a professional to ensure all electrical wiring is in order. 

Flooring at this Vista Del Mar Residence.

Flooring Upgrade

Ask yourself, do all the flooring materials in your home relate, or are there many finishes that need to be more cohesive from years or phases of upgrades? Consistency is critical, and a large format flooring with minimal grout lines is easier to maintain and install, creating a visual expanse,” IDG Interior Designer Jeanette Bruck says. Timeless materials will provide value for years to come.

Neutral wall color and feature wall at Stone Island.

Wall Feature

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Stick with consistent neutral colors throughout, clean up all baseboards and casings, and highlight areas with a feature wall using lighting, wallpaper, or well-placed wall art that enhances the style of the room or home. 

Picturesque balcony at Seafire Residences.

Refresh Your Exterior

The first impression made is curb appeal. Simple and effective landscaping and proper maintenance can significantly impact your home’s value. Refinish or replace the entry door. A welcoming and comfortable front entrance area provides a sense of security and safety.

With more individuals working from home, extending the interior to the outdoors is an important purchasing decision for maximizing living space. Your patio, deck, or porch can now act as a bonus or flex area: an oasis for taking breaks, a secondary location to take calls or video meetings or for kids to work on their homework, a place that calls you to be active or breathe, an area to enjoy lounging, entertaining, or dining with family and friends. Create an outdoor experience.

Let IDG’s award-winning team help you get the most out of your budget. Read more about IDG’s services or book a complimentary consultation today.

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Where to Spend and Save on Your New Year Updates

Your home reflects you – as you change and grow, it should grow with you. The start of a new year is a prime time for making changes, and updating your space is a great place to begin.

One of the most crucial steps in any home project is determining a budget and staying on track. Read on for our insights into where to splurge and save on your new year updates.

The Ritz-Carlton DeckHouse kitchen.

Splurge on Your Kitchen

“The kitchen is the heart of most homes, used to cook meals, catch up with friends and host family events, so it should make your activities enjoyable and stress-free,” IDG Interior Designer Nicole Brown says.

“Consider splurging on durable, high-quality materials, such as quartz, that will hold up to spills and extensive use, and investing in custom cabinetry, including blind corner accessories, spice racks, and pantry drawers to optimize your storage space and save you time.”

High-quality flooring in Cypress Pointe.

Invest in Durable Flooring

Dirty shoes, dropped items, the pitter-patter of pets and children – your floors take a beating on the daily! Splurging on materials like porcelain or luxury vinyl will save you time and money because it is low maintenance and more resistant to scratches and dents. Spending a little extra upfront will eliminate the hassles of replacing flooring down the line.

Ample bathroom storage at the Britannia Residences.

Spend on Storage

Although we all start the new year with the intention of living a minimalist lifestyle and cleansing our spaces, we inevitably accumulate items throughout the year. Spending extra on storage for goods such as shoes, linens, toys, and clothes will help reduce clutter and make you feel more relaxed at home.

White kitchen backsplash in Stone Island.

Save on Timeless Tiles

“We have all gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole and found terrific and intricate tile layouts that are on-trend. But kitchen backsplashes and bathroom shower tiles are a great place to save when updating your home,” IDG Interior Designer Nicole Brown says.

“Many suitable-quality tiles are budget-friendly to fit every style of home. Replacing tiles can be a massive project, and choosing classic over trendy will ensure you won’t have to for years to come. A simple yet elegant porcelain tile will give a clean, fresh look that will last without eating up your budget.”

The elegant bathroom at the Ritz-Carlton DeckHouse.

Keep Your Existing Plumbing Locations in Place

A great way to save when you are changing the layout of your home and removing walls is to keep existing plumbing locations, such as your bath and kitchen sink. Moving plumbing fixtures is a big undertaking and can become expensive quickly, so if it’s not necessary to move them, leave them. Instead, use the saved money for beautiful new finishes to completely transform the surroundings without breaking the bank.

Classic interior doors at Solara.

Refresh Your Doors

Unless the doors of your home are damaged beyond repair, you will be surprised at how a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can bring them back to life. So have your doors refinished and painted, and then if there is room in the budget, replace the handles to update the style.

Let IDG’s award-winning team help you get the most out of your budget. Read more about IDG’s services or book a complimentary consultation today.

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Expert-Approved Pieces to Shop for This Holiday Season

IDG’s dedicated team of experts live and breathe design and are here to make your holiday shopping easier. Read on for our top picks for giving the gift of home this season, now in-store at IDG.

Cozy Earth Bedding

What could be better than the gift of refreshing sleep? Cozy Earth’s linen sheet sets will add a luxe aesthetic to your bedroom that’s ideal for every season, or try a silky soft bamboo sheet set with a breathable weave to keep you at the perfect temperature night after night.

IDG Bed No.5

Bed No.5 was crafted in a modern Italian style using high-performance fabric with impeccable softness. As part of IDG’s custom bedroom collection, you can also create your ideal bed from scratch, choosing everything from the headboard height and style to the material – the ultimate tailor-made gift for the holidays.

Jaipur Living’s Burbank Pillow Collection

These cushions are crafted from 100 percent linen and come in a range of textural styles, guaranteed to bring joy to you or a loved one.

Sferra Bathrobes

The holiday season evokes coziness and decadence, and Sferra’s ultra-smooth, cotton velour robes are designed to keep you perfectly pampered. This range of unisex styles will deliver that vacation feeling whenever required.

Tangent GC Toiletries

Tangent GC is a chic new line of natural, organic, cruelty-free, fossil-free soaps, body washes, lotions, balms, and detergents now at IDG. Whether you prefer the warm, woodsy scent of cedar or the soft, floral fragrance of tulip, Tangent GC has a smart and delicious-smelling product to suit.

Light Up LED Fairy Trees

Add a lasting touch of magic with these LED trees that fold up small and stow away easily. These best-sellers bring warmth and glow to the holidays and create a lovely ambiance at any time of the year.

Harbour Outdoor’s Bondi Lounge Chair and Sofa

This furniture collection provides an effortlessly cool coastal aesthetic and top comfort, with plush, sink-in feather cushioning inviting endless hours of lounging.

Sweet Water Decor Tea Towels

The stylish holiday collection from Sweet Water Decor will add a festive feel to any kitchen. Available in a range of typographic designs and seasonal prints, these tea towels make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the host.

Dovetail Pillows and Rugs

These lamb’s fur and suede back pillows and rugs add a sumptuous softness and texture to spaces. Available in white and grey, they’re the perfect final touch to tie everything together.

Visit us in-store for these pieces and more.

Looking for more ways to create a space that “feels like home” this season? Book a complimentary consultation with IDG’s award-winning team or browse our online collection.

Inside a Chic Coastal Condo in the Cayman Islands

Set in one of Grand Cayman’s newest gated communities, One Canal Point, this condo was created for its owners to live in and enjoy as soon as they walked through the door. Interior designers Justin Szigeti and Andrea Keuler were responsible for every detail of the home, from the furniture, artworks and linens to the window treatments and entertainment systems.

“The client was off-island for the duration of the project, so our goal was to make the process as easy and fun as possible for them,” Andrea explains. “We determined their desired look, feel and budget and ran with it, creating a space they could immediately relax into and offering the ultimate turn-key experience.”

A clean, modern base is met with natural features.

Located in the Seven Mile Beach Corridor, it’s minutes from the sand yet cloistered in a quiet, private setting.

The client’s hope for the home was a welcoming space with an elevated sense of ease. “We chose certain textures and warm-tone colours to create that vibe when you walk in, also incorporating features like drapes to give it a high-end feel,” Andrea says.

The IDG team worked to create a ready-to-live-in feel.

A soothing palette, statement light fixtures and textural details achieve a chic coastal style, with intriguing individual pieces across the home coming together to form one stunning, cohesive whole. “We intended to make each area unique but ensure the overall look and feel was unified,” Andrea says. “The finished picture included furnishings, decor, bedding and homewares for our client to settle in right away.”

The homeowners were delighted with the result and grateful for the seamless process, receiving quality designs that fit their style and budget. The interiors gave them the calming aesthetic they were looking for, plus all the fittings imaginable to enjoy living in the space.

A palette of neutrals and blues invites calm and rest.

Before you go: Watch more on this project in our interview with designer Andrea Keuler.

Check out more IDG projects or book a complimentary consult with our designers.

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Cream upholstery with a gentle thread creates a laidback bedroom look.

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How to Elevate Your Home’s Entertaining Potential

One of the best parts of having a home you love is sharing it with others. From game nights and dinners to movie screenings and backyard barbecues, making memories with the people who matter most creates a home.

Below, the IDG team reveals their top tips for designing a home perfect for entertaining. Discover how to maximize your space from foundation to fit out with these ideas.

Inviting island seating at One Canal Point.

Focus on Flow

Creating a perfect entertaining space starts with the right floor plan. If you want a home ideal for hosting, you probably want to avoid closed-off areas or boxy rooms. 

“It doesn’t matter how great the people, food or drinks are if you can’t get to them easily,” IDG interior designer Rhon Royer says.

It’s the reason open-plan living and kitchen areas are so popular. In fact, one of the places where people tend to congregate most is in the kitchen.  

“If I know a client loves to entertain, I always suggest a large center island in the kitchen, allowing us to create an area for guests to sit while the host prepares food or pours wine,” Rhon explains. “It’s also important to leave enough room around the island for people to walk and pass each other comfortably, and that goes for any room in your home. Otherwise, they’ll feel less inclined to talk to others or make the most of the space. So, don’t crowd your furniture to the point where it impedes flow. It’s the silent difference that makes for successful entertaining.”

Custom-designed details outside at Seafire Residences.

Consider Outside

Events often utilize outside space, so when thinking about the flow of your home, don’t forget your garden, patio, or balcony in that equation. The movement between these spaces should feel easy and natural.

“Your guests should be able to move comfortably from sunset drinks outside to their seats in the dining room, creating an atmosphere where everyone can truly relax, unwind and enjoy themselves,” IDG interior designer Barry Hutchinson says.

“As designers, we’re always considering continuity. Many of our clients want indoor/outdoor living, so we often think about how we can make these spaces work together. For example, a large sliding door can be a great solution for merging these zones, and using similar tones or materials can also help create a seamless blend.”

Warm lighting lifts this Beachcomber penthouse.

Choose Lighting Carefully 

Proper lighting is essential to creating a space perfect for entertaining, as harsh, bright lights have the power to make guests uncomfortable and detract from the mood. That’s why we recommend selecting bulbs that come in natural colors. Warmer tones can be lovely at night, but you don’t want anything too cool or sterile.

“If I had friends over, there would be candles burning and a chandelier to give off a soft glow, bathing everything in warm, shadowy light,” IDG personal shopper Paula Duffy says. “Lighting is your chance to have fun and express your personality. A backlit bar or bold light fixture can completely change the feel of a space. In the design world, lighting is often referred to as the jewelry of the room, so think about how you can best use it to accentuate your space.”

Where and how you entertain will influence color choices.

Develop a Color Palette

When nailing down a color palette, it can be helpful to think backwards. Start by considering the rooms you entertain in most and how you use them. For example, if your dining room is exclusively for formal gatherings, you might go bold and playful, whereas if you eat there every day, you’ll want to keep it timeless and simple. 

Feature walls also work well to add a pop of color to entertaining spaces, or you could also invest in something like textured wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to pick up a color wheel to help plan your space. Often, colors directly next to each other on the wheel give off a calming, cohesive feel, while complementary colors (like blue and orange or yellow and purple) can be fantastic for something more daring. 

“At the end of the day, it’s important to choose colors that make you smile,” IDG sales associate Tagh Wilson says. “For me, I believe every room needs a touch of gold, whether that’s a part of the finishes, lighting or soft furnishings. Don’t be scared of things like metallics or bright colors. When used correctly, they can work anywhere, including formal and informal spaces.”

High-quality furnishings in Cypress Pointe.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Ensuring our guests feel comfortable is a huge part of entertaining. Plush sectional lounges or supportive dining chairs will help keep the conversation flowing all night long. 

“If you have a lot of garden get-togethers, it’s also worth investing in high-quality patio furniture that feels just as comfortable as what you have indoors,” Paula says. 

When it comes to decor, being purposeful is the key.

Decorate with Purpose

Now that you’ve figured out your floor plan, lighting, color scheme and furniture, it’s time to accessorize. Decor can bring a space to life, but too much can lead to clutter, so be purposeful about the pieces you choose.

To avoid being heavy-handed, we recommend choosing functional pieces. For example, a dining room can be elevated by a beautiful bar cart, and a luxurious game board can help add a bit of fun and flair to your coffee table. When something looks great and serves a purpose, it’s a win-win. 

Entertain your dreams with our award-winning team.

Get an Extra Pair of Eyes

To create a true entertainer’s home, a consultation with a design team can help take your space to the next level. At IDG, our experienced designers and shoppers have the knowledge and experience to create something customized to your lifestyle. Read more about IDG’s services or book a complimentary consultation today. 

This statement-making chandelier will be the star of any room.


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This high-quality concrete coffee table is perfect for outdoor entertaining.


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Set the mood for your event with this evocative scent, ideal for island gatherings. 


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This Art Deco bar cart is elegant and easily movable to wherever you host. 


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Entertain guests with this glamorous take on an old-fashioned game of tic-tac-toe.


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Linger longer in these ultra-comfortable linen dining chairs. 


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Vista Del Mar: From Concept to Completion

When a client wants a big impact without a big renovation, it’s important to work smart. 

For Vista Del Mar, the IDG team used their expertise to determine the best way to update the property without undergoing significant changes, like ripping up floors or overhauling the layout.

The client is from Toronto and bought the property sight unseen during the pandemic. Unable to get to Cayman, they knew they needed a company they could trust to upgrade their home while away – a referral led them to IDG. 

Because the client would be off-island for the renovation, IDG interior designers Andrea Keuler and Justin Szigeti went above and beyond to make sure they felt comfortable and informed. Constant communication through video and messaging ensured they were involved at every step.

Now, with the finish line in sight, IDG is preparing to welcome this client to their new dream home. Below, we look at what it took to get there, from the initial planning period to the final installation. 

Concept and Planning

To start the process, IDG set up video calls to walk the owners through the original space. By listening to their wants and needs, IDG was able to create a detailed list of everything required to transform the home.

“Once we had a feel for what they wanted, we created a mood board and 3D renderings so the client could really visualize the proposed transformations,” Andrea explains. “Being able to walk a person through a space virtually is so helpful. It ensures we’re all on the same page and helps clients identify any small revisions they’d like made.” 

These tools and conversations helped IDG present a plan the client loved. After that, it was time to develop the technical drawings for contractors and make detailed notes on the construction execution. 


The existing home felt pretty outdated and had a stark and sterile interior,” Justin says. “We wanted to create something a bit more contemporary and with a moodier, sexier feel.” Dark wood tones, monochromatic colors and beautiful stonework helped evoke this sophisticated and timeless feeling. 

“Although the client didn’t want a major renovation, there were small things we could do to make a splash,” Andrea says. “For example, painting the doors black and squaring off the traditional curved archways.” 

This client loves to entertain, so focus areas include the kitchen, living and dining rooms. 

“The new kitchen design is one of my favorite parts of the home,” Justin says. “We adjusted the previous floor plan to create something that was more of a statement and perfect for entertaining.”  

The designers also looked for areas that weren’t previously being utilized, such as a bar area in the living room. When planning out the new space, IDG proposed a beautiful new wine room – something that’s become one of the project’s most stunning additions.


“At IDG, our typical build process is demolition, framing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, plumbing and electrical,” Justin says. “But for this build, the addition of custom millwork was the star of the show. Adding new casings, wall coverings and cabinets added character to the space and gave everything a more architectural feel.”

In the kitchen, the team installed two-toned cabinetry and reconfigured the appliances to make it more efficient for cooking and entertaining. They also added a new pantry and extra storage. 

“Another big change happened over in the garage,” Andrea says. “The previous home had a large double garage, so we took advantage and converted half the area into a self-contained nanny suite with its own separate entrance, sleeping quarters, bathroom and walk-in closet.” 


This last step of the project is currently underway, and the decorating part is when everything really starts to come together.

Furniture has been installed, and final touches like drapes and accessories are being added. With every project, IDG strives to use the highest quality materials and furnishings. This home is on the water, so anything outside has to be able stand up to the elements. For the interior, IDG also needed to ensure that everything was pet-friendly and easy to clean. 

Because the client for this project has been away from the very beginning, IDG’s designers wanted to make their upcoming arrival super special. IDG designs people’s dream homes and wants every client to feel that magic when they walk in. 

So, not only has furniture been installed, but the team has also helped place bedding and pack cupboards in the new kitchen. “We really want that turn-key experience when they arrive,” Andrea says. “We want a place that’s ready to welcome family and friends, and we’re so excited that Vista Del Mar is almost move-in ready!”

Do you have a project in mind? Book a complimentary consultation with IDG’s award-winning design team. 

This sophisticated six-light chandelier adds a soft glow to a kitchen island or dining room.


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One of our favorite bed frames for modern homes, with luxurious tufted upholstery.


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The neutral linen is comfortable and chic, and a sleek steel base adds a cool edge.


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Its classic silhouette and deep seats make this sofa a winner in both comfort and style.


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This statement chandelier is perfect for entertainers looking to wow their guests.


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This stunning table combines a dark wood base and a lighter marble top.


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Why Art is the Key to Making Your House a Home

At IDG, our goal is to make sure every house we work on feels like home, and art plays a big part in achieving that – it breathes life into a space and can evoke various emotions and moods.

We might select something soft and abstract for a bedroom to create a calming feel, but for a powder room frequented by guests, something quirky and statement-making. We believe art is a great conversation starter as well as a focal point. That’s why we love to include a mix of bold and minimalist pieces in every home.

Many people see art as a personal investment, but your collection can also be an investment in your community. Some incredible artists call Grand Cayman home, and IDG supports local creatives wherever possible.

One of our community initiatives is “A Night with the Artists”, a series of events celebrating Cayman’s art scene. These evenings help raise money for local art and are anchored by a growing list of IDG Featured Artists – meet them below.

Carlos V. Garcia

Carlos is a self-taught painter, muralist and designer from Honduras. His vibrant pieces centre on abstract realism.

Painting by Carlos V. Garcia in The Residences at Seafire.

Julie Corsetti

Julie is a passionate photographer whose work captures the beauty of Cayman’s people and landscapes.

Wall art photograph on canvas by Julie Corsetti.

Janine Every

Originally from South Africa, Janine is a Cayman-based artist best known for her stunningly detailed portraiture.

Oil painting on canvas by Janine Every.

Tansy Maki

Tansy is one of the Cayman Islands’ most respected muralists, also working with sculpture and installation.

Handmade fish installation – image courtesy of Tansy Maki.

Babbity Barwick

Babbity is a talented sculptor whose creations reflect Cayman’s ecosystems. Her pottery includes abstract vases, patterned bowls and other vessels.

Handmade ceramic – image courtesy of Babbity Barwick.

Tracy McMenemy

Tracy is a multidisciplinary artist bridging photography, painting, sculpture and installation. Her location-specific art highlights her home of Grand Cayman.

Hibiscus Thatch painting by Tracy McMenemy.

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In the meantime, browse IDG’s selection of art or check out a few favorites below.

This captivating mixed media piece by Carlos V. Garcia would be ideal for any home’s shared space, adding life and character. 

USD $1,463.41

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The Caribbean blues of this detailed coral sea fan design are a nod to homes in coastal locations that’s eye-catching and elegant. 

USD $664.62

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We love this print by Tracy McMenemy, using the leaves from a Silver Thatch palm to create a subtle and gorgeous design. 

USD $1,219.51

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A mixed media, original artwork by Janine Every, with cool tones and gentle movement that create a calming mood. 

USD $2,296.00

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This ethereal painting combines earthy tones with shades of blue to evoke a tranquil feeling that’s perfect for a bedroom.

USD $1,312.50

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We love this multidimensional print – a blend of colors and textures from afar and hundreds of book spines up close. 

USD $1,433.90

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Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. This bold black and white painting of water lapping against the shore would look great in any room. 

USD $1,908.75

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This intricate and delicate depiction of coral sea fans is mounted in a maplex light brown frame, with an elegant style that would suit any space. 

USD $444.56 - $880.86

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A joyful, stunningly detailed oil painting highlighting artist Janine Every’s exceptional talent with portraiture. 

USD $2,500.00

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