Our 2022 Design Resolutions

Today, the significance of home is felt more than ever, and we have a whole new appreciation for our spaces. That’s evident in the latest design trends, which center on the home as a sanctuary for work, rest and play.  

To get you inspired to find more comfort and joy at home this year, we asked the IDG team to share their design resolutions for 2022, including tips for thriving in the new normal. 

True Love Nightstand

Embrace Curves

Curved lines can contribute to a calming atmosphere at home. 

“Designers are using bends, curves and rounded, soothing shapes to help everyone cocoon at home in comfort,” IDG Interior Designer Barry Hutchinson says.

Choose pieces with soft edges for heightened serenity in 2022. 

This luxe feather down sofa combines a sophisticated style with irresistible comfort. 

USD $6,150.00

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Make a statement with this mahogany and linen chair with an inviting rounded shape. 

USD $2,094.00

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Textural and elegant, this nightstand is a striking piece with timeless appeal. 

USD $2,679.00

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Vasant Handwoven Throw

Keep it Cozy

There’s plenty of research to show the influence of our homes on our overall health and well-being, so it’s worth investing the time to make it as nourishing as possible. 

“In 2022, we’re seeing a push for spaces that feel warm, welcoming and cozy,” IDG Senior Designer Justin Szigeti says. “This year, that means deep, earthy colors, warm neutrals and layered textures.”

This approach can help create an uplifting mood at home that’s enduring in style. 

Handwoven with playful textures and neutral colors that will work well in any space. 

USD $138.75

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Cozy boucle fabric against warm walnut wood invites leaning back in this beautiful armless lounge chair.

USD $3,371.25

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You’ll love padding your feet on this luxurious handwoven rug, featuring a relaxed, contemporary look. 

USD $1,833.75

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Melrose Lounge Chair

Get Back to Nature

Items made from rattan and lampakanai have seen a burst of popularity in recent years. Their earthy textures and intricate designs appeal to those who want to incorporate natural materials into their home. 

“With more time spent indoors, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature,” IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler says. “Natural fibres like rattan and touches of greenery will do the trick!”

Breathe new life into your space with pieces inspired by the world around you. 

Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful faux palm arrangement.

USD $1,352.12

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Hand-twisted jute rope details elevate this neutral chair.

USD $7,009.50

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Dense layers of hand-looped rattan make this mirror a showstopper.

USD $2,340.00

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Cascade Writing Desk

Create Separation

Most people love an open-concept design, but as our homes morph into offices, gyms and play areas, sometimes, it’s nice to be able to close the door. 

“Dedicated rooms and delineation for each activity create spaces that feed our energy no matter the task,” IDG Junior Designer Jeanette Bruck says. 

Creating a dedicated home office or even a work nook can create calm and order in a busy home.

A light and airy color palette with metal accents makes this modern-style desk an ideal fit for any home.

USD $3,493.00

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Chic versions of this office staple exist! A sleek, functional piece for your home office. 

USD $1,192.50

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Antique brass contrasted with a modern white shade create this stylish table lamp. 

USD $974.85

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Design your home for how you want to live. Whether you need a calming oasis or room to create, IDG can help transform your space. Browse our online shoppe or book a complimentary consultation today.

Home for the Holidays: Ideas for the Season and Beyond

More than anything, the holidays are about spending time with the people we love – coming together to celebrate is what makes this time of year so magical. 

At the center of the celebrations is home, a place to gather and make memories. Whether that’s watching holiday movies on the sofa, entertaining friends around the table or enjoying a cozy breakfast in bed, it’s true that there’s no place like home for the holidays.

Below, the IDG team discusses what “feels like home” for them and ways to create a welcoming sanctuary this season and beyond.

Striped Alpaca Throw

Prioritize comfort

For IDG Junior Interior Designer Nicole Brown, home is all about comfort.

“Invest in items that help create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, such as comfy throw pillows, soft blankets and relaxing scents.

“Smell can instantly change your mood, and a holiday-themed candle is a sure-fire way to get into the spirit. I also love to surround myself with photos of friends and family, especially when you can’t have everyone in one place. 

“So bring out your coziest throws and pillows, light your pine- and spice-scented candles and surround yourself with memories of the people you love. Creating a comfortable environment will help you relax into the holidays.”

Holiday Must-Have: Striped Alpaca Throw

Colocasia Leaf

Incorporate Greenery

IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler is a big proponent of greenery at home. 

“Plants and florals add so much life to a space, and I especially love being surrounded by them during the holidays. 

“A Christmas tree is an obvious choice, but I also like to incorporate other greenery. Little potted plants can help bring pops of color into your home and freshen up each room. 

“For this season, I always recommend investing in faux florals and greenery. You won’t have to stress about watering and pruning during the busyness of the holidays, and if you’re stuck for gift ideas, they’re a great option. Plants are a holiday staple no matter what.”

Holiday Must-Have: Colocasia Leaf

Clay Classic Modular Sectional Sofa

Create Space to Gather

For IDG Operations Coordinator Minette McCoy, the holidays are defined by friends and family coming together.

“When I think about the holidays, I think of a home filled with people I love. That’s why a sectional sofa with room for everyone is ideal for the holiday season.

“The living room is the heart of the home, especially at this time of year. It’s where we play board games, watch holiday movies and exchange gifts. It’s where we laugh with friends, cuddle our fur babies and curl up with a book. 

“Having a large, comfortable sofa where people can relax together is a huge part of making a house feel like a home.”

Holiday Must-Have: Clay Classic Modular Sectional Sofa

Adrift Coco Wall Decor

Choose Art and Accessories That Spark Memories

People and memories are what make a home, and IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer believes decor has a way of pulling that together. 

“Maybe you have a sculpture that reminds you of your travels or a painting that tells a story of where you live. By surrounding yourself with items that remind you of happy memories and places, you’re creating a space that reflects your life and the people in it. 

“When you have family and friends over for the holidays, it’s nice to be able to point them toward items in your home that hold this kind of significance. Home accessories and artworks can be great conversation starters.”

Holiday Must-Have: Adrift Coco Wall Decor

Shop the edit at  shoppe.idgcayman.com.

Looking for more ways to create a space that “feels like home” this holiday season? Book a complimentary consultation with IDG’s award-winning team or find inspiration in store at our 7 Mile Shops location. 

This sectional is not only large and comfortable but it’s also crafted from a stain-resistant fabric that makes it easy to clean up holiday messes.

USD $10,488.66

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This striking Colocasia Leaf makes a statement and will add a beautiful pop of greenery to your home, with zero upkeep required. 

USD $381.92

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Curl up in this soft and silky throw made from the finest alpaca wool while relaxing with a book, drink or watching your favorite holiday films. 

USD $532.80

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This classic tic-tac-toe set with a chic twist is an elegant coffee table game that will keep guests entertained over long evenings. 

USD $930.00

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Ultra-soft and oversized, this gentle grey knit-fabric cushion is perfect for cuddling up with or resting on over the holidays. 

USD $118.43

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No fir tree? No problem. This candle will evoke the scent of a real tree with its fir, balsam and warm amber notes.

USD $39.04

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Splurge, Save, Invest: IDG’s Ultimate Gift Wishlist

Given many of us are spending more time at home than ever, it’s never been more important to love your space.

So this holiday season, give the gift of home with IDG. To get you thinking, our designers share their ultimate homewares picks at every price point, whether you want to splurge on a statement item, choose an elegant stocking stuffer or invest in an enduring, high-quality piece. 

Fasita Planter

Michelle Spain, IDG Personal Shopper

Splurge: Fasita Planter

Plants are perfect for livening up a space, but they also come with a lot of responsibility. If you want to give the gift of green, opt for a faux plant like this, which has all the beauty of a real-life snake plant without the maintenance!

Save: Dahlia Candleholder

Candleholders are a great way to make an impact on a budget. Pick up some tea lights and pop them into a candleholder, and you’ll have a beautiful holiday tablescape that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Invest: Vice Modular Sectional

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable sofa, so treat yourself this year and invest in a plush sectional – the ideal spot for a holiday movie marathon!

Baja Chandelier

Jeanette Bruck, IDG Junior Designer

Splurge: Baja Chandelier

Make a statement with a beautiful chandelier. Crafted from wood and coconut beads, this fixture is a stunning option that will make any room feel special.

Save: Pillar Stripe Decorative Pillow Collection

A fun pillow set is a perfect gift for color-loving friends. Pillows are easy to swap out with the seasons, so there’s no need to spend a ton of money.

Invest: Room for More Dining Table

If you love entertaining, an extendable dining table is ideal for the holidays. You can easily update settings and centerpieces, but a high-quality table is always worth the money.

Ornette King Bed

Poly Lougiakis, IDG Interior Designer

Splurge: Chester Desk

Over the past year, many people have transitioned to working from home. Create the ultimate home office with a quality desk that contains lots of storage.

Save: Modern Jack

The perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift, this home accessory is ideal for any design-lovers in your life.

Invest: Ornette King Bed

You spend a lot of time in bed, so why not invest in something luxurious and statement-making? Go into the new year better rested with the Ornette King Bed. 

Vibrant Expression Hand Painted Canvas

Paula Duffy, IDG Personal Shopper

Splurge: Elanor Lounge Chair

If you see something you know your partner would love, why not surprise them? This cozy chair would make an incredible gift.

Save: Marina Salt & Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are both functional and beautiful. If you’re doing a gift exchange, they’ll work for a variety of people.

Invest: Vibrant Expression Hand Painted Canvas

If you really want to invest this holiday season, consider picking up some new art. This piece is handcrafted, meaning each painting is slightly different.

Alaska Hand Loomed Rug

Layla Merren, IDG Junior Designer

Splurge: Alaska Hand-Loomed Rug

A rug is often the item that ties a whole room together. So spoil yourself this year with a high-quality rug that’s soft to the touch and will stand the test of time.

Save: Warm & Cozy Soy Candle

You don’t want a candle that’s so expensive you’re afraid to burn it. Get into the holiday spirit with this cozy scent.

Invest: Jessica Office Chair

Give yourself the gift of comfort with a brand-new office chair. This one is tufted to help support your back.

IDG has everything you need to make it feel like home this holiday season, from inviting furniture to delightful decor and entertaining essentials. Browse hundreds of products now at shoppe.idgcayman.com

No green thumb? No problem. This beautiful faux plant requires zero maintenance.

USD $519.00

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Head into the new year fully rested with this luxurious and statement-making bed. 

USD $11,847.60

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Inspired by the classic game of jacks, this accessory is the perfect stocking stuffer.

USD $59.94

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Ideal for entertaining, this table means you can invite the whole family these holidays.

USD $5,346.00

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Need a gift for the host or your Secret Santa? You can’t go wrong with a candle.

USD $39.04

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Create the home office of your dreams, with plenty of storage for inspiring items. 

USD $4,954.64

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A Room-by-Room Guide to Nailing That Coastal Vibe

Coastal style is hugely popular, with so many people drawn to its relaxed and easy feel. “It comes from an experience most people have had or can recognize,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer explains. “The feeling of a cool sea breeze against the face, serene skies as far as the eye can see and the whoosh of waves on the beach.” But how do you replicate that vibe at home? 

Many hear the word “coastal” and think of nautical or tropical design. While it does incorporate elements from these styles, the coastal look is differentiated by soft tones and earthy textures, evoking a bright, airy atmosphere reminiscent of white-sand beaches and clear summer days. 

Drawing its inspiration from the environment, the goal is to bring the outdoors in, whether that’s through natural materials like rattan and raffia or with home accessories that reflect nature’s beauty. 

Ready to dive in? Read on for a room-by-room guide to nailing the perfect coastal style, featuring tips from IDG’s award-winning interior designers. 

Vero 30" Barstool

The Kitchen

“Coastal-style kitchens are bright and fresh,” IDG Design Associate Mireia Alvarez says. “They make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long and are ideal if you want to create a welcoming, relaxing space perfect for cooking and entertaining.”

This barstool balances coastal and contemporary design, with iron frame legs and a woven rattan seat.

USD $2,662.50

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Crafted from mango wood, these pendant lights look incredible over any kitchen island.

USD $446.25

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These ceramics feature a beautiful sapphire and ivory pattern and are perfect for storing kitchen goods.

USD $207.00 (set of two) 

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Merrick 84" Oval Dining Table

The Dining Room

“A coastal feel starts with a light, mainly white palette, bringing in natural materials and comfortable furnishings,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer says. “Combine those elements, and you have an inviting, relaxed dining space ready for hours of carefree eating, entertaining and enjoyment!”

Pair this lightly washed mango wood table with linen slipcover chairs and a jute rug.

USD $3,517.50

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This centerpiece-worthy shell will bring the spirit of the coast into your dining room.

USD $699.30

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Handsewn with wood and coco beads, this cream chandelier sets the mood for a coastal space.

USD $3,312.00

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Melrose Lounge Chair

The Living Room

“Architecturally, you can install elements like shiplap on a wall or ceiling to create a coastal feel,” IDG Senior Designer Justin Szigeti says. “But you can also create a tonal coastal color palette by playing off textures like grasscloth, weaves, wicker and wood.”

This lamp with a wrapped rattan pole and linen shade exudes a timeless elegance.

USD $1,732.50

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Bring the beauty of the reef into your home with this striking, coral-inspired piece. 

USD $206.46

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Covered in hand-twisted natural jute, the Melrose Lounge Chair works inside and out.

USD $7,009.50

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The Bedroom

“A coastal feel often embraces bright and crisp tones and classic textures,” IDG Design Associate Poly Lougiakis says. “Together, they can create a sense of comfort and style. That’s why contemporary coastal bedroom design is one of our go-to styles at IDG.”

This nightstand is fully wrapped in raffia, a classic coastal material with a gorgeous natural texture. 

USD $3,746.25

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Create a cozy, coastal feel in the bedroom with the deep blue tones of this Eagan rug. 

USD $197.40+

Shop now

Hand-wrapped in lampakanai rope in a white-sand finish, this bed frame is a statement coastal piece.

USD $16,794.00

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The Bathroom

“If you want to incorporate coastal beauty into your bathroom, wood and woven items are great choices,” IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler says. “Potted plants will also enliven the room. Complete your look by hanging up some artwork that highlights a gorgeous sea view or coastal vegetation.”

Rope-wrapped handles and textural fabric make this tray a decorative vessel for your bathroom essentials.

USD $449.55

Shop now

Created by local artist Tracy McMenemy, these stunning canvas pieces are created using silver thatch palms and hibiscus flowers.

USD $1,219.51

Shop now

This square ottoman features a beautiful pattern, using hand-twisted lampakanai rope in earthy tones over a hardwood frame.

USD $1,843.50

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Whether you live by the ocean or not, coastal style can create magic in any home. At IDG, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. From installing shiplap to sourcing the perfect rug, our team has you covered. 

Book a complementary consultation today or head to IDG’s Online Shoppe for more products.

The Bright Life

This article first appeared on Real Life.
Images by Willowdale Photography.

On the ninth floor of the Residences at Seafire, designer wall treatments, vivid colours, and custom millwork boldly go where no interiors in Cayman have gone before.

In contrast to the prevailing aesthetic commonly seen in Cayman’s residences, where cool white walls are offset by natural materials and occasional pops of blue or green, this five-bedroom penthouse is nothing if not bold. Saturated with vivid colors, intricate patterns and luxurious textures, it pays homage to the owners’ European roots and captures their vibrant, dramatic style.

A well-travelled, design-savvy family who typically move both home and country every four years, the owners were no strangers to interior design projects. Having decorated both homes and boats, they knew the style they wanted and approached the empty shell of their new residence with a clear vision and a list of desired pieces.

Luxurious materials and designer goods were a must – but what they did not want was a show home that felt untouchable. With three children and a rescue dog living at home, and three older children who would come to visit, it had to be a space where they could all live, work and socialize with ease.

Being new to the island, the owners needed the expertise of an interior design firm who could run with their furniture and fabric selections, design custom millwork and find the right people to execute their plan. Justin Szigeti, a senior interior designer at IDG, proved the perfect partner, bringing sensitivity and good sense to the project and overseeing much of the work in their absence.

Unsurprisingly, it was the spectacular views the corner unit offered from 100’ above sea level that had been the selling point for the owners.

“When we first moved in, we took photos of the sunset daily,” they recall. “We used to say it was like having a different painting in your living room every evening.”

Ensuring maximum enjoyment of the vistas informed much of the interior design, which entailed a few structural modifications. This involved removing a wall divider on the sunset side to create one sprawling terrace, installing wooden Trex decking for the flooring, and raising the glass railing to ensure their three-year-old’s safety.

To allow the family and their guests to enjoy meals with a view, IDG designed a long, narrow dining table, commissioned a local metal artisan to make the base, and ITC to craft the porcelain marble top. The shape assures everyone can sit along one side, bar-style, in low-slung seats and look out over the ocean.

“We’re European, so we don’t like to rush a good meal,” the owner explains. “We like to take three or four hours over it. So by making the tabletop and the seats lower than normal, it creates more of a relaxed, lounging experience.”

In the vast open-concept living space, to screen the master bedroom from the living room and create space for bespoke bookshelves and a flatscreen TV to hang, a wall was built. A ceiling feature, designed by IDG, consisting of layered circles of wood with embedded pin lights, mimics the curve of the expansive sectional sofa and is echoed in the round side tables and Minotti ottomans, whose golden-yellow upholstery matches that of the terrace chairs.

Hermès wallpaper, featuring monkeys and birds, adds character to the bare white walls and, together with zebra print cushions, imbues this central gathering space with an elegant jungle theme.

In the kitchen, the original 10-inch breakfast bar – where diners would have had their backs to the view – was removed, and in its place, a custom-designed curved banquette seat and circular table reside. These shapes are echoed in the half-moon cut-out in the ceiling bulkhead above, which frames the gold and silver pendant light. The family can dine indoors while looking out and, should they look the other way towards the kitchen, an arching gold-plated faucet by Waterworks ensures continuity of form and colour down to the last detail.

Plain is not a concept that exists in this unit. Even the hallway leading to the bedrooms has been transformed from a utilitarian space into something extraordinary: a series of dark walnut slats and embedded LED lights, designed by IDG, run along the ceiling and down the far wall, adding drama and drawing the eye through the space.

The bedrooms have all been thoughtfully created for each occupant, with the fifth bedroom transformed into a home office. This workspace exudes calm and is less embellished, but a series of curving, back-lit panels on the rear wall create visual interest and prevent it from being bland.

In the master bedroom suite, Gucci wallpaper bearing a striking palm motif – green on white in the bedroom, white on black in the bathroom – and exotic bird-print cushions bring the tropics indoors. Subtle gold accents throughout and an antiqued mirror in a gold frame hung from the ceiling add a layer of luxurious decadence.

The owner’s daughter created a mood board for her bedroom: a fairy-tale space of soft pinks and greens, where a double bed with a studded leather headboard stands under an organic pendant light and a blush-toned Baker sofa is angled to take in the easterly views. Sophisticated, feminine, and filled with soft, fluffy textures, it’s become the venue of choice for girls’ slumber parties.

The older son’s room is any teenage boy’s dream, with a large screen TV and two gaming chairs, a custom-built double bunk bed and a wall-to-wall sofa. In contrast, the youngest’s embodies childhood fantasies, with a miniature teepee, mounds of toys and a turquoise-toned wall treatment that picks out the colors of the sea and sky.

However, amidst opulence and designer features, the owners have incorporated a sense of fun and vitality into their home. From the daring tiger wallpaper in the powder room to the Einstein caricature in the office and the Cayman-style Mona Lisa, wearing a face mask and holding a blue iguana, that hangs above a porcelain greyhound (a ‘friend’ for their real-life canine), they have injected their playful spirit into the interiors.

What was once a blank canvas has been transformed into a distinctive home with definite European glamour. Whether inspired by the decor or by the family’s gregarious, friendly nature, the home is often filled with people. Classmates, friends and neighbours are drawn to the penthouse residence where overnight guests, dance parties and dinners are a regular occurrence.

For a family that typically prefers detached homes with sprawling grounds, apartment living has turned out to have some unexpected benefits. The stellar amenities of the Residences at Seafire have cushioned the discomfort of closed borders and the family has bonded with neighbours. They have shared barbecues on the rooftop lounge, lingered over lunches and joined pool parties. They’ve admired sunrises and sunsets and taken the dog for moonlit beach walks. When the time comes to depart, they will have left a vibrant footprint on the shores of Cayman.

Why Art is the Key to Making Your House a Home

At IDG, our goal is to make sure every house we work on feels like home, and art plays a big part in achieving that – it breathes life into a space and can evoke various emotions and moods.

We might select something soft and abstract for a bedroom to create a calming feel, but for a powder room frequented by guests, something quirky and statement-making. We believe art is a great conversation starter as well as a focal point. That’s why we love to include a mix of bold and minimalist pieces in every home.

Many people see art as a personal investment, but your collection can also be an investment in your community. Some incredible artists call Grand Cayman home, and IDG supports local creatives wherever possible.

Last year, we began hosting “A Night with the Artists”, a series of events celebrating Cayman’s art scene. These evenings help raise money for local art and are anchored by a growing list of IDG Featured Artists – meet them below.

Carlos V. Garcia

Carlos is a self-taught painter, muralist and designer from Honduras. His vibrant pieces centre on abstract realism.

Painting by Carlos V. Garcia at the Kimpton Seafire Residences penthouse

Julie Corsetti

Julie is a passionate photographer whose work captures the beauty of Cayman’s people and landscapes.

Wall art photograph on canvas by Julie Corsetti

Babbity Barwick

Babbity is a talented sculptor whose creations reflect Cayman’s ecosystems. Her pottery includes abstract vases, patterned bowls and other vessels.

Handmade ceramic tableware - image courtesy of Babbity Barwick

Tracy McMenemy

Tracy is a multidisciplinary artist bridging photography, painting, sculpture and installation. Her location-specific art highlights her current home of Grand Cayman.

Hibiscus Thatch painting by Tracy McMenemy

If you’d like to attend our next “A Night with the Artists” event, contact [email protected].

In the meantime, browse IDG’s current selection of art or check out a few favorites below.

This captivating mixed media piece by Carlos V. Garcia would be ideal for any home’s shared space, adding life and character. 

USD $1,463.41

Shop now

The Caribbean blues of this detailed coral sea fan design are a nod to homes in coastal locations that’s eye-catching and elegant. 

USD $664.62

Shop now

We love this print by Tracy McMenemy, using the leaves from a Silver Thatch palm to create a subtle and gorgeous design. 

USD $1,219.51

Shop now

The soft palette and tactile finish of this painting on hand-stretched canvas will create a calming, coastal focal point for the home. 

USD $438.10

Shop now

This ethereal painting combines earthy tones with shades of blue to evoke a tranquil feeling that’s perfect for a bedroom.

USD $1,312.50

Shop now

We love this multidimensional print – a blend of colors and textures from afar and hundreds of book spines up close. 

USD $1,433.90

Shop now

This intricate and delicate depiction of coral sea fans is mounted in a maplex light brown frame, with an elegant style that would suit any space. 

USD $444.56 - $880.86

Shop now

This gorgeous set of shadow boxes features 3-D string art that has been hand-threaded and individually secured.

USD $597.00

Shop now

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. This bold black and white painting of water lapping against the shore would look great in any room. 

USD $1,908.75

Shop now

Add to Cart: Backyard BBQ Essentials

When summer rolls around, there’s nothing better than spending time outside, and one of our favorite ways to entertain is with a backyard barbecue. Below, we’ve included tips from the IDG team on how to host an unforgettable summer gathering, from recipes to try to the ultimate outdoor accessories for your setting.

Cara’s “House Rocks” Marg

What says summer more than a freshly shaken margarita? For IDG Founder Cara Saladino, her signature recipe is always a crowd-pleaser.


2 lime wedges
Coarse sea salt
Ice cubes
2 oz pure agave reposado tequila
1.5 oz triple sec
1 oz fresh lime juice

Step 1:

Prepare your glass! Take a lime wedge and run it around the glass rim. Sprinkle coarse sea salt on a plate and gently dip the rim in. Pour some fresh ice into the glass, and then place it in the freezer until you’re ready to serve.

Step 2:

Choose your bar set! A good bar set is essential, especially when entertaining. Whether you prefer metallic and classy or neutral and relaxed, we have a range of attractive options in stock at IDG’s Shoppe.

Step 3:

Make your marg! Take your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice before adding tequila, triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice. Cover and shake like your life (of the party) depends on it.

Step 4:

Serve! Pour into your prepared glass and top with a fresh lime wedge.

Andrea’s Steak Marinade

Salt and pepper are fine, but when you want to impress, try this marinade by IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler.


250ml red wine vinegar
50ml Worcestershire sauce
25ml olive oil
50ml chutney (blatjang) sauce
50ml tomato or barbecue sauce
2 tsp minced garlic

In a casserole dish, combine the ingredients, add your meat and let it marinate for 3–6 hours. Simple and delicious!

Got a summer barbecue on the calendar? Head into IDG for a selection of beautiful outdoor furniture and accessories, or browse online

Paula’s Ultimate Hosting Guide

We love barbecues because they’re relaxed and carefree, but there are a few things you can do to make your event more memorable. IDG Personal Shopper Paula Duffy takes us through some of her top tips below.

Tip 1:

Summertime barbecues can get hot! I always have extra hats, sunscreen and mosquito repellent close at hand. When your guests are comfortable, everyone will have a good time.

Tip 2:

I like to give my guests the option to bring their fur babies along. I’ve had every dog under the sun at my house, from Bobby McGee the Doberman to Damian the Great Dane.

Tip 3:

Barbecues are great because they make it easy to delegate. After all, being the hostess doesn’t mean you have to do everything! Ask attendees to bring different dishes and show off your hosting skills with your tablescape. Dinnerware and home accessories can completely transform a dining area.

Our online shoppe is full of great outdoor accessories. Check out some of our current favorites below.

Trays are a must-have when you’re hosting a get-together. We love this crushed limestone set because it’s ideal for outdoor use.

USD $522.00

Shop now

Pillows add comfort and express personality! The fresh, coastal colors of this style are a perfect match to Cayman living.

USD $76.14

Shop now

Is your table feeling a bit empty? Add these marble links for a decorative touch. With natural texture and color variations, each is unique.

USD $2,166.00

Shop now

The easiest way to add some life to your tablescape is with greenery. We love this as an enduring option to use over and over.   

USD $917.84

Shop now

These nostalgic games aren’t just for kids! A piece like this is both beautiful and functional in its ability to entertain for hours on end.

USD $726.35

Shop now

Sometimes all you need is a pop of colour. This textured blue bowl brings a contemporary feel to the average barbecue.

USD $945.35

Shop now

Our Experts' Edit: Outdoor Living in Style

In Grand Cayman, we’re lucky to enjoy summer weather year-round. That’s why at IDG, we put so much emphasis on creating spaces that are ideal for outdoor living.

Designing an incredible outdoor space starts with great products. Anything that’s continually exposed to the elements needs to be extremely high quality — after all, tropical rainstorms are not uncommon in the Caribbean! As a result, we work with brands that prioritize craftsmanship and longevity as much as style.

Below, our team of experts have selected a few of their favorite summer pieces. For more, check out our outdoor collection, or if you’re considering a significant change, stop by our studio for a free consultation.

A place to sit 

Whether to relax outside for a coffee or catch rays on a cushy sunlounger, we have the perfect outdoor seating to hang out in all summer long.

Design associate Mireia Alvarez’s pick: The Dockside Outdoor Lounge Chair

“This chair is the ideal balance of comfort and elegance. The frame is made from powder-coated metal with a wood-like finish, so it’s also super durable. I think this piece looks best when paired with a sculptural side table and beautiful accent pillows. Don’t be afraid to show your personality with colour!”

Design associate and personal shopper Barry Hutchinson’s pick: The Montauk Chaise Lounge 

“This chaise exudes a stylish presence in any sun-lounging area. The woven frame adds character to the simplistic shape, and an ultra-plush top provides additional comfort.”

The table to gather around 

A great table for outdoor dining is all it takes to turn your patio into the place to be for summer pool parties, barbecues and meandering meals with loved ones.

Design associate Poly Lougiakis’ pick: The Log Outdoor Dining Table

“With its white fiberglass top and organic teak base, this outdoor dining table is sure to be a conversation starter! This piece comes in two sizes, can seat up to 10 people and combines classic materials with a whimsical touch.”

The perfect lounge

There’s nothing more luxurious than the comfort of a sofa outdoors for you, your friends and family to kick back on – just add ice-cold drinks.

Personal shopper Michelle Spain’s pick: The Jason Outdoor Sofa

“Don’t let the crisp white colour deter you. I love this outdoor sofa because it has removable slipcovers and quick-dry cushions that are extremely easy to clean — even after the messiest of barbecues! This is indoor comfort with outdoor durability.”

Check out the team’s top picks for outdoor living below.

Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate summer sanctuary with this crisp, stylish white sofa that will make you want to lounge forever.

USD $6,375.00

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Decorate your outdoor area with this aloe vera statement piece, accented with natural stones and set into a glossy white textured bowl.

USD $339.00

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Pull up a seat to bask in the summer sun with this hand-woven lounge chair with a powder-coated metal frame designed for long-lasting quality.

USD $2,706.00

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With its teak legs and cement-fiberglass top, this outdoor dining table is the ideal combination of rustic and sleek, perfect for alfresco entertaining.

USD $4,860.00

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Designed using an environmentally-friendly fiber, the hand-woven DALA planter brings subtle sophistication to any outdoor area.

USD $2,025.00

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Taking five days to weave by hand with an all-weather rope, this lounger features precision and durability in every aspect.

USD $2,429.41

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An Inspiring Convo with: Cara Saladino

Having founded IDG almost 20 years ago, Cara Saladino has helped develop the local interior design industry in the Cayman Islands by repeatedly upping the benchmark for her designs’ quality, creativity and individuality. 

From creating custom designs for her clients to sourcing, shipping and installing the final finishes, Cara has always found a way to make the seemingly impossible happen and do it with a style all her own. 

We sat down with Cara to chat about the challenges and changes to the local design market, what it means to be a part of the IDG family and one of her latest projects: the rebrand of IDG as Interior Design Group.

As one of IDG’s female founders, what inspired you to start something new in such an underdeveloped market?

IDG was born out of a true passion for design and a deep appreciation for creating personalized living environments. Back then, we weren’t seeing the individual represented in most homes in Grand Cayman. Instead, there was a general preset or typical design style that had little uniqueness. 

With IDG, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between what Cayman was currently offering and what the global design industry was excited about. We started sourcing materials that hadn’t been introduced to the island yet and using exciting and different products. We broke the mold and moved the Cayman Islands into the global site-line. 

While it can be safe to stick with what you know best, IDG has always focused on understanding the individual needs of our clients to craft designs that are as unique as them. We strive to help our clients push the boundaries of what they thought possible in Cayman.

What are some of the biggest challenges in running an interior design firm on a Caribbean island?

Being on an island means that you have limited resources at your fingertips. Simple fixes can quickly become complicated, and problem-solving on the fly is a bit trickier. Over the years, we’ve learned to adapt to these hurdles to deliver high-quality products and experiences consistently.

To ensure we achieve our clients’ visions, we have built trusted partnerships with international freight forwarders and qualified local trade workers interested in expanding their knowledge. Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships within the community here. I genuinely believe that finding trustworthy partners has been the key to creating our success. 

How has the industry evolved today?

Technology has been a massive driver of change and made interior design available to everyone. The internet’s global marketplace has allowed us to source furniture and finishes from across the globe, making it possible to match our clients’ visions more precisely. 

Advances in tech have also changed the way our interior design team works. We now have access to 3-D printing, virtual reality and revolutionary software. These innovations have increased productivity, simplified the design process and helped us to keep our clients more informed.

Technology has also resulted in an awareness of global trends, which we use to create a client’s ideal environment. Keeping tabs on societal shifts is also crucial. For example, eco-friendly and sustainable design is now at the forefront of our industry, causing us to be more mindful of how we are sourcing our materials.

More recently, COVID-19 has also brought changes to the design world, especially in pricing and supply. Production facilities will become leaner with smaller teams, and design companies will depend more on the communities they serve through business-to-business relationships. 

In a nutshell, can you define the ethos of IDG? What are some of your differentiators in the local market?

Our foundation is built on trust, integrity, substance and approachability. The strength of this foundation has allowed us to withstand many changes over the years, including those to our industry and island.

We strive to offer thoughtful and holistic designs and give our clients the best personal experience with IDG, whether through our design team, warehouse team or personal shoppers. 

What are you most excited about with regards to IDG?

I’m really excited about what is happening in Cayman right now. The island is blooming, and IDG is currently involved in so many interesting and creative projects, including residential developments and commercial spaces. We are also excited to have our online shoppe available to our local clients, to help make it easier for people to live a #LifeInspired. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone looking to find success in a new market?

I think it’s so important to build from a solid foundation. Learn the market you’re breaking into, know who you are as a company and understand how your business will fit.

Establishing trust is also key to the longevity of your business. Build strong relationships and hire people who believe in your company. Encourage relationship building and the discussion of new ideas. Your goal should be to create a respectful and supportive environment. 

It’s also important to understand that you will make mistakes along the way. Take responsibility for your errors, learn from your past and implement changes to prevent them from happening again. 

Lastly, don’t chase your competition because competition will always be there. Do you and do it very well. Live by your ethos. Give back to the community around you and build a business you’re proud of. 

What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?

Create your life, don’t let others create it for you. 

What inspires you on a daily basis?

I’m inspired daily by our team. They are all creative, passionate, talented and believe in our brand’s ethos. Our company’s dynamic, wide range of projects and mix of local and international clients are also an endless source of inspiration. 

If you had to choose an interior design style for a home and life in the Cayman Islands – what would it be and why?

I’d choose quality, high-end design that is relaxed, refined and easy to live in. 

What are five things you can’t live without, excluding the obvious and the existential?

  1. My dog
  2. Luxe bedding
  3. Coffee
  4. Lazy rainy days
  5. Designing beautiful spaces


How can we learn more about IDG?

Discover how IDG can help you live a #LifeInspired and stay in the know about our latest projects by signing up for our newsletter.

A Community Partnership with Cayman Islands Charity

At IDG, we believe that everyone deserves a great space to call home. The home is the foundation of everything, and a healthy environment is what allows families to flourish and grow. 

Here, Katie Lambert, Part-Owner and CEO at IDG, sits down with Tara Nielsen, Director of Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Foundation, to discuss some of the most important needs in our community and how companies like IDG are lending their support. 

It’s one of the reasons why we place so much value on our partnership with Cayman’s ARK. Their CASA projects have helped over 30 families find safe and healthy living conditions, and their Mentor – Educate – Reinforce (MER) program helps mentor and educate Caymanian youth. ARK focuses on the people in our own backyard and their hard work helps lift our entire community in the process. 

“We’re so thrilled that IDG has decided to partner with us and support the MER and CASA programmes,” says Tara. “It’s the perfect combination. This partnership will really enable us to move and sweep through the island by improving homes and people’s lives every day.”

IDG has been helping to support ARK through several initiatives, including:

A Night with the Artists

This event is all about bringing the community together. It celebrates our local artists while also bringing attention to in-need groups in Cayman. 

Recently, we hosted our second instalment of the series. Photographer Julie Corsetti and artist Carlos v. Garcia combined their talents to create a unique piece of work that was painted live for attendees. The finished product was then auctioned off, with 100% of the proceeds going towards ARK’s MER and CASA programmes. 

For more information on future IDG events, contact [email protected]

Cayman Ryde-a-thon

Team IDG will also compete in Cayman’s annual Ryde-a-thon. Our team, Designed to Ryde, will spin for 24 hours to help raise monies for the ARK Foundation. 

The Ryde-a-thon will take place from Friday, March 26th – Saturday, March 27th. If you’d like to donate, follow the link here and select our team name from the list of options.

IDG plans to offer long-term support for ARK through the sponsorship of a child in their MER program. MER was developed for struggling students in underprivileged circumstances. The majority of Caymanian students that are flagged with learning challenges come from impoverished homes. MER provides support to these select individuals. 

“This program really aligns down to the core of our ethos as a family,” says Katie. “We want to embrace all of these families and especially the children and help them throughout their journey. We have our IDG family and we take all of our staff on board with that same ethos.”

ARK was founded in 2006, and a big part of their continued success has been through help from the private sector. “We’d love to challenge other companies to step up and sponsor a child,” says Tara. “Our mission is for every business, law firm, accountancy and small business to sponsor a child in our program. That’s what we need to happen in order to grow.”

To find out more about ARK’s programmes and ways that you can get involved, head to arkcayman.org.