At IDG, we believe your home should look great and feel great, too. That’s why our designers prioritize form and function, always creating spaces with lifestyle in mind. 

Thoughtful, well-designed furniture can increase health and happiness at home. So we asked the IDG team to select their favorite pieces to balance comfort and aesthetics – read on for their responses. 

Clay Modular Sectional

Lounging Around

“The Clay Sectional is a sofa I recommend over and over, and it’s popular with good reason,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer says.

“Whether you’re playing games, eating, or just hanging out, it does it all well. It’s stain-resistant and moisture-repellent, and minimal maintenance means less time cleaning and more time relaxing. 

“The modular configuration allows for maximum flexibility, and it’s even more comfortable than it looks. I love its classic style, making it a super versatile design option and great for many different families.” 

SEAX Armchair

Comfort Outside

“The SEAX Armchair was created by DEDON – a brand that prioritizes quality and innovative design – and French designer Jean-Marie Massaud to be the pinnacle of outdoor seating,” IDG Junior Designer Jeanette Bruck explains. 

“I like to recommend this chair because it has a streamlined design that’s lightweight but sturdy. It also comes in a range of textures, finishes and colors, and with all the customization available, you can find an option for any setting.

“If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that combines form and function, DEDON products are ideal, and IDG has a variety of pieces to choose from in its online shoppe.” 

Woodside Bed Collection

Sleeping Soundly

“The average human will spend over 25 years of their lives sleeping. That’s a lot of time in bed! So investing in a quality bed frame and mattress is essential,” IDG Design Associate Mireia Alvarez says. 

“I love the Woodside Bed because it’s beautiful and sturdy. It has a well-made hardwood frame, and its rails and legs are hand-wrapped with fine woven rope. The sand-colored finish invokes the beauty of the outdoors.

“A solid headboard provides strength and grounding support – perfect for leaning back against and reading a good book. Just add a comfortable mattress and get ready for an incredible night’s sleep.” 

Tibey Throw Collection

Keeping Cozy

“If you want to make your home warm and inviting, small items like a high-quality throw can have a big impact,” IDG Interior Designer Barry Hutchinson says. 

“I particularly love this vibrant blue version of the Tibey Throw. The plush fabric is 100% cotton, so it feels incredible on your skin! 

“I think this piece perfectly threads the line between style and comfort at home.” 

Browse our online shoppe for more pieces to elevate your comfort and enjoyment at home, or book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert interior designers. 

This stain-resistant, moisture-repellent and extremely comfortable sectional is the ideal centerpiece to a busy home. 

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When you need a little extra warmth and comfort, this pure cotton throw is the perfect companion to your downtime. 

US $101.52

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Upgrade your bedroom with this beautiful and supportive bed frame wrapped with woven lampakanai rope. 

US $11,196.00+

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This super high-quality outdoor chair is light and transportable, with an easy folding design and luxe water-resistant material. 

US $2,737.50

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A luxurious rug can change the feeling of your space. Kick your shoes off and relish in this rug’s soft wool blend under your feet. 

US $1,908.75+

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This side table’s clever cut-out design will slot in anywhere you need it to, perfect for setting up with your essentials.

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