The perfect floor plan is designed with wellness in mind, considering the look, feel and function to create ease in your space. 

Read on for examples and tips from IDG designers on creating a floor plan that flows.

Britannia Residences Kitchen

Be Purposeful

To create the ideal floor plan, you first need to map out the areas in your home and dedicate time to figuring out their purpose. Next, think about how you live and how you would like to be spending time. This foundation will help you develop spaces to support and enhance your lifestyle. 

For IDG’s Britannia Residences renovation, it was immediately apparent the floor plan needed to change. “Originally, our clients had a large living room, but a lot of that space was being wasted,” IDG Interior Designer Rhon Royer says. “We shifted the spatial set-up and expanded the kitchen and laundry areas to create a home that functioned so much better for this family’s lifestyle.”

Britannia Residence Kitchen

Consider the View

The function of your space is crucial, but you’ll also want to think about how it looks from room to room. “Sightlines” are an integral aspect of interior design. Where does your eye go when you enter your home? You probably don’t want to see dirty dishes when you walk through the door. 

In IDG’s Britannia Residences project, the main bedroom and walk-in closet were technically open to one another, but clever sightlines created separation. The result was two beautiful spaces that flowed effortlessly into each other. 

It can be hard to think about these things when designing a floor plan, but 3D modelings and renderings can help you take a virtual walk through your home and highlight any potential problem areas. 

“All our clients who opt for 3D renderings love this part of the design process,” Rhon says. “I agree it’s worth the investment.”

Britannia Residences Bedroom

Design Smart

This stage of the process is an opportunity to fine-tune and make changes that will be a lifesaver later on – for example, pinpointing where you need an electrical outlet. Work smart and you’ll be rewarded down the road. 

It’s also good to design with the future in mind. “Maybe you’re a young family looking to grow over the next few years,” Rhon says. “Even if you’re focused on designing a home office right now, we might suggest adding a walk-in closet or ensuite in case you need another bedroom. Keep your options open!”

Britannia Residences Bathroom

Sound Advice

You should always design around the five senses, and sound is one of the most important. 

If you’re a family that loves to entertain, think about how you can design a space to encourage conversation. Maybe you want a kitchen with a large island or an open living space that flows into the garden.

If you work from home, consider placing your office in a quieter part of the house, away from the TV or laundry room. 

The Ritz-Carlton DeckHouse Kitchen

Don’t Forget Storage

One of the biggest interior design mistakes is creating a beautiful floor plan only to realize there’s hardly any storage. Whether it’s hallway closets or kitchen pantries, don’t forget these crucial spaces. 

Kitchens, in particular, require a lot of storage, so pay special attention to this area. For IDG’s Britannia project, a chic scullery was added behind the kitchen to increase the usability of the space.

For the Ritz-Carlton DeckHouse renovation, the team also worked hard to redesign the kitchen for the client’s needs. “When we first started on this project, there was a small galley-style kitchen with minimal walking space and a pantry taking up too much room,” IDG Interior Designer Poly Lougiakis says. “We demolished the kitchen and started fresh with a brighter, more functional area. By adjusting the floor plan, the space ended up feeling twice its original size.”

Full-height cabinetry, a massive center island and a tall, narrow shelving unit added even more room for items. 

“Storage goes beyond linen closets and a cupboard under the sink,” Poly says. “It can be beautiful and eye-catching, too. Have a lot of unique stuff? We can help you create something completely custom.”

The Ritz-Carlton DeckHouse Kitchen

Before starting any build or home renovation, you need to feel confident in your floor plan. After all, this will be your roadmap for the entire process. Our experienced design team will ensure you have the best foundation before you begin. Book a complimentary consultation with IDG today.

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