Today, the significance of home is felt more than ever, and we have a whole new appreciation for our spaces. That’s evident in the latest design trends, which center on the home as a sanctuary for work, rest and play.  

To get you inspired to find more comfort and joy at home this year, we asked the IDG team to share their design resolutions for 2022, including tips for thriving in the new normal. 

True Love Nightstand

Embrace Curves

Curved lines can contribute to a calming atmosphere at home. 

“Designers are using bends, curves and rounded, soothing shapes to help everyone cocoon at home in comfort,” IDG Interior Designer Barry Hutchinson says.

Choose pieces with soft edges for heightened serenity in 2022. 

This luxe feather down sofa combines a sophisticated style with irresistible comfort. 

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Make a statement with this mahogany and linen chair with an inviting rounded shape. 

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Textural and elegant, this nightstand is a striking piece with timeless appeal. 

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Vasant Handwoven Throw

Keep it Cozy

There’s plenty of research to show the influence of our homes on our overall health and well-being, so it’s worth investing the time to make it as nourishing as possible. 

“In 2022, we’re seeing a push for spaces that feel warm, welcoming and cozy,” IDG Senior Designer Justin Szigeti says. “This year, that means deep, earthy colors, warm neutrals and layered textures.”

This approach can help create an uplifting mood at home that’s enduring in style. 

Handwoven with playful textures and neutral colors that will work well in any space. 

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Cozy boucle fabric against warm walnut wood invites leaning back in this beautiful armless lounge chair.

USD $3,371.25

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You’ll love padding your feet on this luxurious handwoven rug, featuring a relaxed, contemporary look. 

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Melrose Lounge Chair

Get Back to Nature

Items made from rattan and lampakanai have seen a burst of popularity in recent years. Their earthy textures and intricate designs appeal to those who want to incorporate natural materials into their home. 

“With more time spent indoors, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature,” IDG Interior Designer Andrea Keuler says. “Natural fibres like rattan and touches of greenery will do the trick!”

Breathe new life into your space with pieces inspired by the world around you. 

Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful faux palm arrangement.

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Hand-twisted jute rope details elevate this neutral chair.

USD $7,009.50

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Dense layers of hand-looped rattan make this mirror a showstopper.

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Cascade Writing Desk

Create Separation

Most people love an open-concept design, but as our homes morph into offices, gyms and play areas, sometimes, it’s nice to be able to close the door. 

“Dedicated rooms and delineation for each activity create spaces that feed our energy no matter the task,” IDG Junior Designer Jeanette Bruck says. 

Creating a dedicated home office or even a work nook can create calm and order in a busy home.

A light and airy color palette with metal accents makes this modern-style desk an ideal fit for any home.

USD $3,493.00

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Chic versions of this office staple exist! A sleek, functional piece for your home office. 

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Antique brass contrasted with a modern white shade create this stylish table lamp. 

USD $974.85

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Design your home for how you want to live. Whether you need a calming oasis or room to create, IDG can help transform your space. Browse our online shoppe or book a complimentary consultation today.