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This 3 bedroom unit at Vela has become the primary residence for this young family in Cayman.

The clients loved bold greens and bright blues and we combined these tones with an overall contemporary feel that didn’t sacrifice comfort in their interior.

The furniture and wall treatment selections are sophisticated, child friendly and suitable for our warm climate here in the Cayman Islands.

A sophisticated, child-friendly primary residence for a young family. The bold greens and bright blues of the island were incorporated into a comfortable, contemporary interior.


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Casual Luxury

A refreshing and contemporary style that utilizes a tactile palette to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Textural materials and rhythmic patterns articulate the space and add visual interest.

Contemporary Traditions

Luxurious textiles and finishes, such as the classic dark wood and soft coastal color palette with rich gold accents achieve a timeless design.

Color Splash

An impactful, energetic, and engaging design that remains inviting and friendly with playful textures and bold colors throughout.

A Suiting Abode

The developer’s commitment to fine design, high-quality construction, and an ultra-modern neighborhood allowed our team to capture island living in a modern space.

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