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Project Highlights

The Residences of Stone Island, an international award-winning development, is absolutely stunning. The three model units that IDG Interiors created showcase the beautiful homes, with no details overlooked. The suites embrace the Cayman waterfront lifestyle perfectly.

From finish selections to furnishings and decor, the style and mood of each model home are distinctly different. Our design team’s intent was to show how identical spaces can be reimagined into unique and personal environments to suit any lifestyle.

Beginning with a blank canvas, we built each story around a cohesive design style. Ideal textures, patterns, color palettes, and furnishings brought each story to life. Each unit is unique and exemplifies IDG’s ability to personalize each design for our clients.

What clients are saying...

“We were thrilled to work with the creative designers at IDG once again to create our three unique professionally designed and decorated show homes, the first of their kind in the Cayman Islands.

Although each of the three spaces offers a similar allocation of square footage and floor plans, it was our ultimate goal to create three distinctly different spaces that would offer options for every taste and family dynamic.

The end product is spectacular, receiving much design praise from all who visit. The fittings within the show homes not only give potential purchasers a better idea of spatial awareness and layout possibilities, but also an overall feeling of ‘home’ with a soft move-in ready feeling, where most who visit don’t even want to leave.

We look forward to continuing works with our IDG partners on evolving the final selections of the common amenities, creating a cohesive and thoughtful design to our lifestyle community.”

– Holly Wellon, The Residences of Stone Island

It was all teams on deck for this sizeable project. Three distinct units received our full design treatment.


IDG Interiors
Home by IDG
Dwell by IDG
Warehouse Team

Scope of Work

Finish Selections

Casual Luxury

  • A refreshing and contemporary style utilizing a tactile palette to create a feeling of warmth and comfort
  • Color story: warm browns, soft greys, shades of white
  • Textural materials and rhythmic patterns articulate the space and add visual interest
  • Strong blend of contemporary lines and organic forms
  • A subtle balance of neutral color tones, refined materials, modern elements, and heavy textures define this design style
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