You may be thinking ‘Why should I hire an interior designer, I can do this on my own?’ Which you may feel empowered to do so with ordering online and the never-ending supply of decorating advice. We get why homeowners feel this way.

There may be things that you have not considered and when you want professional services, you go to the professionals for help. So, we want to help you be equipped to answer the question, “why use an interior designer?”

First and foremost, they will save you money, and who does not love that. They will also save you time, eliminate headaches, and create a space that is uniquely you.

Designers are available for everyone, many think that the cost of a designer is too expensive, but that is a misconception. Knowing they will save you money, should have your interest, but how do they do this?

An Interior Designer understands your wishes, the flow of the space, how to combine fabrics and architectural finishes and how furniture placement matters for the function of the space, is insurance you won’t have to replace items. You want to enjoy your space right away, not having to “fix” your mistakes if you mess up sofas, sinks, bathtubs, tiles or appliances. Those are where the costs can become expensive for you.

You have your dream collection of photos for your space, but now what. Interior designers have the resources you dream of at their fingertips. They know which lines are best for you and your budget, where you can save to free up your budget to spend elsewhere on those statement pieces. This also avoids you spending as you go, since a designer sets the scene and thus the plan and strategy for all your purchases.

We know how to achieve your dream space with your budget. There is a tremendous amount of decisions to make and a designer can steer you towards the right finishes, fixtures, furniture and materials that are right for you. Often when you are looking at tiles you may fall in love with one that is out of your budget but decide to go for it, then next it happens again with fixtures. Designers keep selections and options from the start in your budget range so you can safely fall in love knowing they have you covered.

At the start of any interior design you are full of excitement and enthusiasm, but as the project goes on you start to lose steam. Interior Designers keep the excitement the whole way through, this is our passion, so we will motivate you and reduce the time it would take if you did it on your own, avoiding the loss of steam. Making the process as enjoyable as the end result.

With money saved, let’s add saving time and how we do that.

Interior Designer have spent countless hours researching and perfecting their craft, they are able to do in 15 mins what would take you 20 hours or more.

When you are working with your architect and builder you will be going back and forth thousands of times on email. Your designer can reduce these by half, being your liaison, saving you time for the other flood of emails you receive from work, family and kid’s activities.

We are a source for immediate answers and resources to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule.

We all live busy lives these days, so having an interior designer to eliminate any headaches is well worth it for this reason alone.

Arming yourself with a design team – architect, contractor, interior designer from the start is your best investment to eliminate those headaches.

Interior Designers know your goal and will be your advocate for design misses, details or mistakes that often are missed in reviewing an architectural plan. Think of lighting, this can be vital to how your space feels and functions in the end. Where will the furniture be placed? Where should the feature light aim? Do you need floor outlets for side tables are floor lighting, if so where? The interior designer knows all of this and will achieve your space the way you want and champion for you throughout. You want to do this right the first time, the thought of fixing it or living with not quiet perfect is a headache you do not need.

So, with money and time saved and all headaches eliminated, an interior designer achieves a space that is uniquely you. We all have our own personal style and taste and a space that we dream of so you want the end result to be exactly what you set out to achieve at the start.

Interior designers are professionals, they have the education, training and research to provide you with the expertise to help you and the architect see things from another perspective. They know spatial flow in a room and between all your spaces, how to enhance your space for maximum use.

Your spaces should be places that make you feel perfect. Whether it is a retreat for after work to unwind and relax or a place to gather with family and friends. Your space is yours and how you live in it matters. Interior designers are equipped to provide you the end result that allows you to truly LIVE in your space.

Now you know “WHY” to use an interior designer. Want to get started on saving money, time, eliminating headaches and have a space that is uniquely you?

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